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Becoming an Associate Consultant with
Achieve Inspire and Motivate CIC (AIM - CIC)


We are a small Community Interest Company based originally in the Midlands and now aiming to expand our company and so are interested to hear from potential associates in any part of England and Wales. We are always interested in hearing from skilled professionals and consultants wishing to join our list of self-employed Associates.


You can apply at any time by completing the contact form and we will subsequently email you to request a c.v. and the names of two people we can contact for a reference.


We often have opportunities for consultants in one or more of the following fields:


  • Youth and Community development

  • Family work

  • Resident involvement

  • Regeneration

  • Neighbourhood renewal and neighbourhood management

  • Early years projects

  • Social Inclusion

  • Fund raising


Relevant skills and knowledge looked for would include:


  • Professional and technical expertise in the above fields, combined with knowledge of good practice and awareness of current issues

  • Knowledge of research and consultation methods 

  • The ability to work with community organisations to help them develop their capacity to take decisions and carry out successful projects

  • Familiarity with current participation techniques and experience of using them in practical situations

  • Awareness of the legal and financial issues presented by the above areas of work

  • Training skills, especially in working with groups of young people, families and residents.


Condition of Engagement


  • Associates will need to share our commitment to youth work and community empowerment, and have good communication, analytic and reporting skills.

  • Associates will be self-employed contractors. Some will have long-established consultancy practices. Others may be ‘freelance’ workers.

  • As an Associate, you would have an agreed programme of work and budget, and an agreed daily rate based on the contract we have negotiated with funders.

  • During the term of the contract, you would need to invoice us, usually monthly, and AIM will look to pay you within 28 days of receiving your invoice.

  • You are responsible for your own administration, including travel, so we expect your service to include your own reliable and secure office base and computer support.

  • As an independent provider, you are of course responsible for settling your own income tax and national insurance matters. We offer supervision and support, but you manage your own day to day work.


Achieve Inspire & Motivate CIC is committed to providing a confidential service to its users.  No information given to the Organisation will be shared with any other organisation or individual without the user’s expressed permission. Associates are expected to adhere to the organisation’s policies. 

Let’s Work Together

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