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"Improving the Lives of Many"

AIM-CIC works for the benefit of young people and families by providing youth work and other learning opportunities.


About Our Organisation

"We Make A Difference"

Our main activities are to:


  1. Provide and run youth provision, with a strong focus of involving local communities.

  2. Deliver informal learning opportunities for young people and families

  3. Create opportunities for young people to effectively participate in their communities


We work to secure financial and community resources to support activities in identified communities.

We do this through fundraising, seeking sponsorship and developing social capital within the communities with which we work.


As a result, young people benefit by taking part in new activities where they broaden their knowledge and skills. They are encouraged to be involved in the design and delivery of our services and to take part in activities which benefit their communities


There are fewer opportunities for young people to engage in youth work activities. We believe that young people should benefit from good quality youth work, both in school and community based settings. We look to provide such opportunities and do this by working in local settings, providing enhanced opportunities for local volunteers and helping strengthen community spirit.


We do this through supporting local youth groups, supporting fundraising activity by providing opportunities for young people to participate in their communities and by working in partnership with local communities and agencies. 


AIM CIC can provide consultancy to any organisation in the field of youth work, youth participation and community-based settings. Consultancy services are bespoke and designed with the organisation to meet their needs.

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Our Team

AIM CIC was established by 4 professionally qualified youth and community workers following the closure of Staffordshire Youth Service in early 2015. They have individually supported youth activities since then and formed the company to enable them to better deliver coherent services. They have all had experience of running youth provision in Staffordshire and elsewhere, that includes: girls work, family work, detached and centre based youth work, youth forums and exchanges.

All members have delivered learning opportunities for young people and have experience of managing staff as well as devising and delivering a youth work curriculum in partnership with young people.

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David Wright

David has extensive experience of managing and commissioning services for children families and communities.


David is a successful senior manager, in the public and voluntary sectors, operating at both a national and local level.  He has a track record of service improvement, managing change and the implementing innovative business solutions in Youth, Community and Leisure Services. He is highly motivated with a proven ability to develop people and services. David is well networked and successful in raising organisational profile, achieving goals, managing change and optimising business opportunities


 David has spoken at national and European events, on the state of youth work in England and the challenges it faces.


David established his own successful consultancy  in 2014 and through it, he has provided leadership support to  national and local youth work charities, developed and delivered a review programme, of a local authority young people’s service contribution to the borough’s early help strategy and drafted funding applications.


How We Help

"It Starts With the Will to Make a Change"


Families Unite

is a short term targeted intervention programme for families who may have multiple problems, such as crime, anti-social behaviour, truancy, unemployment, mental health problems or domestic abuse. We specialise in working with families with teenage children.

Young People as Ambassadors

A mentoring programme for young people aged 16+ so they can support younger children to help them with mental health issues, bullying and family problems. The ambassadors would then help develop the younger children’s resilience and improve their communication skills.

Survival School

A two day  outdoor programme designed to help children and young people to develop their team work, planning and  communication skills through a series of imaginative and challenging activities.

Citizen Workshops

Helping young people to better understand the world around them, to be heard and be involved in decisions affecting their lives. This programme will develop their knowledge and encourage their engagement in volunteering and political activity


Drugs & Alcohol Education

a workshop to help raise awareness with young people of the risk of both drug and alcohol misuse. We enable young people to identify different types of drugs, their implications in law, health impacts the body and the social implications on self and society


Helping both young people and adults to recognise different types of  bullying whether this is in everyday life or on social media.  This programme will help them to develop ways to deal with, respond to and challenge such behaviour.


Sexual Exploitation

Two complimentary programmes – one for young people, the other for parents and adults - developing an understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation. This programme will help participants to identify young people who may be at risk and how to help reduce that risk.  Young people will be supported to identify risk taking behaviours and be helped to develop strategies that help them to deal with these.

Money Management

As young people move into work, higher education and to independent living, they will often, for the first time have to deal with managing their own money. This programme will help young people identify and navigate those challenges surrounding them in managing their own money

Planning for Communities

Working with local community groups to identify the services and gaps in provision for their neighbourhood and to engage with public bodies.  This facilitation programme will support them to produce a community plan; this will benefit them with their fundraising and create opportunities for such groups to enhance the local environment 

Raising Aspirations

A series of workshops addressing  personal development within the context of career , education , relationships and self-improvement.  It will support participants to set personal goals through an action plan. This will be based upon self-awareness, values, reflection and at the same time identify potential barriers and how they may be overcome.

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